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Sustainability & Eco-Friendlyness

At Rising Star, we continually strive to protect the environment in the communities in which we operate and understand the impact of our products on the environment.

Rising Star's Sustainability Policy emphasizes its responsibility to raise awareness of environmental issues in the industries it serves. Product management and risk management are also important parts of the policy, along with a commitment to an analytical approach to your efforts.

Providing customers with greater sustainability of their processes and end products is the ultimate goal of Rising Star's sustainability policy. Rising Star will use rigorous development processes and analytical tools to assess and improve its manufacturing processes and products' environmental performance to achieve this goal.

This allows for increased productivity for our companies and contributes to compliance, and reduces environmental impact. We have established clear and measurable targets for energy intensity, greenhouse gas emissions, and water conservation. We also focus our efforts on reducing waste, building a sustainable supply chain, and continuously understanding our products' environmental impact through life cycle analysis. For us, it is a continuous effort. As our business continues to grow, we have more and more room for improvement